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K-Guy Intervju


It has been a while since my last interview here at Onion:Blogg. So to make an decent comback, I sent the London-based artist K-Guy a few questions. With his sharp comments on political, economic and religious affairs, he has made a name for himself the last couple of years, and especially with the brilliant “in loving memory”-installation outside the Bank of England in 2008. Here is what K-Guy had to say about the financial crisis, high politics and other things that pisses him off:

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Intervju med THELIN`s klesdesigner

Vi har intervjuet den danske klesdesigneren Mie Tingsager som designer for det danske klesmerket THELIN.

thelin2 – Fra spring/summer 2010.

Mie som er 29 år gammel, har sin bakgrunn fra TEKO business and fashion academy i Danmark. Hun har nå jobbet for THELIN i halvannet år, og har blandt annet også jobbet for Bestseller konsernet i fire år før hun startet hos THELIN. Utover dette har hun også sin egen vintage butikk i Århus, som går kjempe bra!
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Interview – Travis Lee Wiggins

Meet Travis Lee Wiggins. A true creative spirit who is an artist, designer, musician, filmmaker, and writer, all at the same time. So who is this guy, and where does all this creative energy come from? I sent Travis a few questions. In return, I recieved some brilliant answers! So please enjoy.

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Steven Appleby Interview

Steven In Studio.jpg– Steven Appleby in his studio in London

Steven Appleby describes himself as a creative person. He is a cartoonist, illustrator, writer and painter. Splitting time between his chaotic real world in London and his imaginary worlds, Steven found time to visit Oslo in February to talk to the members of Grafill

SBS tinyElephants.jpg

Interview by Karen Brown
You are known primarily as a cartoonist. Why did you choose to use this medium to express yourself?

It was kind of accidental – like everything else in my career. It was a good medium for me because I wanted to write and draw and as a cartoonist I can do that. I can create my own little world that is one of the things that I like to do. I can have complete control. My experience has been that most of the time magazines or newspapers let me provide a finished piece of work. It’s quite rare for them to interfere, so I’ve got this little zone that is completely mine.

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A talk with Bestial from Argentina

After receiving a tip on Bestial`s work I knew I had to send of a few questions! Bestial is a Graphic Design Studio in Buenos Aires with great mix style! Here are a few Q&A:

I can see on your site that Bestial started in 2007, why did you start this design studio

Bestial was a project we had in mind a long time ago. It didn’t have a name, but we liked how each one of us worked, and we all thought that our styles could mix pretty well together. So in November of 2007 we gave it a try. And here we are.
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Malm̦ Streets Project РInterview

“It is simple. The city is sad. There are little things that surprise me and get me laughing when I am stumbling out the door to buy milk.”

While most of us can agree with this statement found on the Malmö Streets Projects’s homepage, not so many of us are actually doing something about it. This may be why we tend to appreciate the ones that do even more.

With their great variety of art and other projects in the streets of Malmö, Malmö Streets Project is certainly making the lives of this Swedish city a little more exciting. So who are these generous guys, and why are they doing like the do?

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Interview with Florian

A while back we came in touch with a great digital artist from Germany with the name of Florian Kuhlmann. After browsing through his work, we knew that we had to find out more about this guy. So, we sent him a few questions.

First of all, can you please tell us something about yourself and your background?

I am a German artist with a strong focus on digital media and the net in my work. I studied media art at the academy of media arts in Cologne until 2006 and worked as a programmer for many years for several big German Internet company’s. But in the past years my focus slowly shifted more and more on art.
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En ny ung blogger på laget!

En av Onion´s nye bloggere er Mari Vårdal Myking, 18 år, fra Bergen. Hun er over gjennomsnittlig glad i kunst, spesielt litteratur, arkitektur, design og fotografi. Vi sendte henne noen raske spørsmål for å blitt litt bedre kjent men henne.


Kan du fortelle kort om deg selv?
Jobber for tiden fulltid som fotoassistent for mote- og reklamefotografene Svein Bringsdal og Birte Svendsen.

Hva slags kamera jobber du med til daglig? Og hva er favoritt linsa?

Canon EOS 20D. Lite kamerakresen. Og fattig. NÃ¥r det gjelder objektiv, liker jeg 70-200 mm ganske godt.

Hvis du kunne ta et portrett av en kjent person. (døde eller levende) Hvem hadde du tatt bilder av da?
En gammel William Burroughs.

Hva gjør du om 10 år?
Er en etablert motefotograf, med respektabel lønn, mann og bikkje.

Nevn noen fotografer du ser opp til.
Peter Lindbergh og Paolo Roversi.

Fullføre denne setningen:
Kreativitet er…. Arbeid

+ Mari er også på myspace