Onionprisen 2009: Blad, Katharina Barbosa


Blad, Katharina Barbosa


KATHARINA BARBOSA BLAD Is half Colombian and half Belgium, she has been working with costumes and stenography since 1993 in Norway. Making costumes for theatre, dance, opera and film, in a wide variety of techniques and  expressions. She is a member of the leadership of Magdalena Norway an organization cultural, political and feminist.  She is also responsible for the Latino American program in the film festival “films from the south” since 1996. www.filmfrasor.no Has received one establishing grand and to traveling grants from the Norwegian cultural council. One grand for the making of an exhibition and one for the making of art film in Colombia from FOKUS. This art film documentary will be filmed this autumn. She has a solo exhibition at OFKS gallery from the 16 October to the 2 November. And is participating in an exhibition project: “Et enkelt mote” in Norrkopings Stadsmuseum in Sweden from the 1 to the 29 march 2009. She is member of Bjørka artist studio from January 2009.

Ønsker du å stemme frem denne deltager som vinneren av Onionprisen 2009 ikke glem at en kommentar er en stemme!!!!

Trykk her for å se de andre kandidatene.

188 thoughts on “Onionprisen 2009: Blad, Katharina Barbosa”

  1. NÃ¥. Her er min stemme. Den er til Fru Barbosa. Hva sier stemmen min, hører jeg tanken si… At jeg gjerne vil kikke nærmere…

    (p.s. det er riktig nå, ikke sant?)

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