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Fra tid til annen snubler man over folk som umiddelbart fanger interessen din. Dette var tilfellet med Morfai, en kunstner fra Lithauen. Han driver med alt fra stencilbasert gatekunst, klistremerker, grafisk design, til video, animasjon, foto m.m. SÃ¥ i ren fascinasjon av denne kreative sjelen, sendte jeg avgÃ¥rde noen spørsmÃ¥l…

From time to time, you stumble upon artists that catches your interest. And Morfai from Lithauen did just that. He works with everything from stencil art, stickers, graphic design to video, animation and photo plus more.
So by getting fascinated by this guy I had to send of a few questions…

What is your motivation for making art?
It is hunger and lack.

You are using a huge range of techniques and styles in your work. Any techniques you prefer?
I am interested only in ideas in my work. Than I find the expression and technique which strengthens my idea.

(made by flyers)

A lot of your work is based on brilliant ideas. How do you come up with all these great ideas? Thank you. You can make remarkable things only by being a strong person. And that’s what I am actually seeking.

What and who inspires you? Any favourite artists?
I have no authorities. And I can’t have any.

You are from Lithuania. How has it influenced your art? And how is the art scene in your country?
It didn’t influence me. I don’t care about that.

What do you do for a living? Are you creative in your “real” life as well, or is it just in your spare time?
This is my real life.

What is your favourite piece (of your own work) and why?
The mask I made from flyers about a month ago. With a mask nobody knows what you have in mind.

You are one of those artists who have experienced a lot of internet fame (being on Wooster Collective several times). How important is the internet for you? Do you have in mind how your pieces will look online when you make them?
Internet is the only way to my audience.

Anything else you would like to add?
One word tells more than thousands of words.

Finish this sentence. Creativity is…
…the brother word of DOING, then of THINKING.

+ Morfai
+ Video for MTV Art Break
+ Brainstorming ifm “Seeder” installasjonen

8 thoughts on “Morfai – Intervju”

  1. morfai is ok. my man. a person with a lot of dope ideas. working all the time and making things growing up to the maximum. keep on creating.

  2. Great work, but a man with few words:) Love that he say that Internet is the only way to his audience. That just shows that Internet as a medium is very important to all artists.

  3. i also liked the answer that Internet is the only way to his audience.
    because at the moment many artist seem to hide it.

  4. It is still street art if the streets is your canvas. But by using Internet as the medium it is, you will get to the audience you like. Looking at art on the street is one thing and an experience for its self. But by exposing your art online you will reach the people that really enjoy your work, world wide. And I love that. And if the street art scene in Lithauen don’t give him anything, then going online is a right choose.

  5. “its not streetart anymore when you put it on the interweb.”

    it is not real hiphop if it has been played on mtv. it is not real graffiti if it is legal.
    maybe it is right time to get out of stupid stereotypes. i see much more realness in morfai then in many other streetart artist who are following this “doing real” or “doing right” patterns.

    and anyway this “realness” thing is old news. there is no need to discuss about it.

  6. Thanks for proving my point, i dont really think legal graffiti is real graffiti at all.
    People should start thinking of what the really want to do, and the do it because they really enjoi it, not because somebody else should enjoi it. Art is a selfish thing, and should be done by people who has the spirit of doing something for the enjoi of doing it.

  7. Good point Martin but i do not agree with you. Yes people that make shit and enjoy`s it shall keep on doing that. But art is about more than that. For some its about sharing, showing, giving and receiving. Some time its just for fun, experimenting, pleasure and to provoke or because you want to prove a point for example in politics, religion and so on. And for me, art that gives me something i do remember, art that brings up for example, social issues. But I have to admit, sometimes street art, illustrations, photos that does not mean anything, art that is just pure visual beauty makes me stop and smile.

    My point is… If your way of showing the stuff you do is though the net, even if it is art done on the streets or its doodles in a blackbook.
    It`s still real. Get it?

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