Markus Hartel dokumenterer gata i New York

Fotografen Markus Hartel vandrer gaten i New York og knipser fete bilder!

+ Hjemmeside

+ Blogg (her er det MYE bra)

What is street photography? A reflection of every day life – real, unaltered impressions of public places, places that everybody visits every day, the street where you live, the parking lot of your favorite grocery store, the subway. Street photographers document the truth and take candid pictures of things that you don’t notice in your daily grind.

Street photography involves attention to detail. The photographer pays attention to scenes, moments that you only recognize subconsciously. The camera is an unobtrusive extension of the eye in any given situation. Oftentimes, street photographers take pictures they feel; the photographer happens to be there and captures the mood in a fraction of a second. He freezes a moment that you will forget in the same amount of time…”




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